Stoic Week Day 3

Theme on Wednesday was ‘Self Discipline & Stoic Simplicity’

Morning meditation on not wasting time on earth and getting caught up in more material wealth.

I used a candle for meditation in the dark.

I was reminded of self discipline when I went to where my practice room is at the gym. It was packed later when it opened. There is no heating, and it is over a big sail loft, so it gets quite chilly in the workout areas. Many women being self disciplined, doing their circuits.

gym piccandle

I still follow Musonius’s advice about eating simple food with mindfulness for breakfast. Also if get hungry, not to worry about low blood sugar but ‘to endure hunger:endure it with the right attitude. Isn’t that within your power?’

By gillgarratt

Stoic Week Day 2

Yesterday the theme for the day was Stoic Mindfulness.

I was mindful of the evening sky on the way back into work

Tresco Sunset 25th Nov

By gillgarratt

Stoic Week 2014 Day 1

I decided this year to use the free book written by our team ‘ Stoicism Today’.

Last time I blogged Stoic Week, 2 years ago, I wanted to improve my life with diet and exercise and awareness of nature.

Those new Stoic habits endure today.

I ate a simple diet ( not just lentils, though) but I did start every day with oats and blueberries, 50 grams to be precise.

I walked every day for an hour

I meditated in the morning, reflected on the day at night and practised doing one helpful thing for others each day.

2 years later, I still eat healthily, have lost 2 stone, am mindful of trying to be in nature and walk every day, conscious of it’s beauty. I even swim in the sea without a wetsuit. Last swim October 1st. It is amazing. The first 4 minutes are arrrrghh, jolly freezing, then you get an amazing wave of euphoria, as your body gets used to the temperature. To be fair, the sea had been about 17 degrees centigrade since May.

Day 1 Nov 24th

What is in my power day

Looking at the Stoic handbook, this was the theme for Monday.

Started the day with jumping out of bed to go and photograph the beautiful sunrise over the sea.

Quiet meditation

Procrastinated over getting on with writing my next book with deadline for first 25% looming.

What was in my power was to clean the kitchen.  I was aware of engaging in displacement activities to avoid the hard bit of writing 1000 words a day for my next book, which I have signed the contract for.

I sat at computer and distracted myself more with social media sites.

Wrote 200 words.

Editor of other book, now in production process emailed with queries over the manuscript. Prioritised response.

I did one helpful thing. I took a picture of some small wellingtons for her fabulous blogsite ‘Red Welly,Yellow Welly,Dawn Start, looking at great tStoic Week 2014 flyer Red welly blue wellyings to visit in Cornwall. I thought she might like the junior version of the wellies for the childrens’ section.

Had a walk in the sunshine. Participated in community by dropping a letter in neighbours’ doors about proposed

planning application to change the  windows in the University library, which we all back on to.

Friend called in. Lovely chats with a cuppa and transported to the beautiful Lake District as she described her Summer travels.

Watched as the day turned through twilight, amazing silhouettes of the trees and ancient walls against a cobalt blue sky.

Fade to black.

Evening reflections

By gillgarratt