End of Stoic Week – day 7

So this is the end of the pilot study week for ‘Live like a Stoic’.

There is a post questionnaire to fill in to see how we got on and how we liked it. It has certainly helped me to focus my mind, try to get some structure and plan goals. The reflections are a good way to consider the day and relax at night. My blog has been a light hearted if somewhat self indulgent record, but that’s okay – true stoics would not broadcast their contemplations. This study is about raising awareness and encouragement to take responsibility for our emotional and physical life.

Certainly worked for me – for now- watch this blog to see if long term goals are reached.


Big Study in the New Year, anyone can join in. Will keep you posted. I thank  you Stoic weel wII weights 001

By gillgarratt

Nearly end of Stoic Week – day 6

Day 6

Day 6 for me was sparkling blue skies, frosty morning and diamond studded seas – Spinning at 10.00 -(no wool involved ) HR 171

Playtime with family – mini drama with Asda duck family and Duplo caravan set – the car was overloaded and baby brother duck got left behind – horsey really should have

Health & Safety flouted

Health & Safety flouted


day 6 stoics 006trotted behind, not lain on the roof – all health & safety rules flouted – ‘where’s my brother?’ shouted sister duck

meal of the day at 6.30 pm

plan for exercise tomorrow – bike ride Devoran to Redruth caff

bedtime meditations


By gillgarratt

Stoic Week – day 5

What done amiss?  What done?  What duty left undone?

What would Zeno or Socrates or Cato have done?  What sort of character have you exhibited, from moment to moment?  What sort of animal are you? – asked the Stoics.  A wild beast (lacking philanthropy and natural affection), a herd animal (ruled by idleness and the pursuit of superficial pleasures), or a godlike Sage (full of love and yet free from irrational fear and desire)?

Food for thought – or not

Included a walk, today, exercise every day

Met up with family at Gylly Beach – always feels like an Ozzie surf club there

Just one meal but a dilemma –  ( Friday night is tradionally fish & chips and cider ?

Fab award winning Harbour Lights chippy in Falmouth did me a grilled cod – delish

Only had a gill of cider

Saw 6 piece band ‘Melodius Funk’ at 5 degrees West – I felt full of love and very relaxed – does that count ?

Bedtime meditations

By gillgarratt