Stoic week – day 4 Marriage proposal & asbestos

30 Nov 008

Love, swim, landscape

Love, swim, landscape

Love, landscape, swim

Love, landscape, swim

8.00 am meeting with asbestos man at house – expensive removal today

8.30 drove home via beach and found this marriage proposal roped to the barbeque area

Also saw beautiful sunrise earlier & took pics – one balances another – no point stewing over the extra expense of the asbestos


Walked to beach for latte along tree lined road and contractors mending road/fallen tree on way

In Stoic fashion, reflection last night showed me had no exercise at all previous day so planned to have some today

The Falmouth Beach Hotel pool & Leisure annexe has reopened after the big fire burnt the hotel down in May. £5.00 for ‘all you can swim, jacuzzi, steam, sauna & lounge around. Did the exercise swimming, 30 mins, 36 lengths then did everything 

Meal del dia at 3.40


Psychotherapy clinic

Evening reflections and meditations

By gillgarratt

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