Stoic week – day 3 Weds

Wi working – 1lb down

9.00 seminar up at t’Uni with Philip Marsden – last of 6 sessions. His book ‘The Levelling Sea’ is amazing – I am besotted with it

Asked for a cheeky pic with him – I did make 24 cupcakes for the session ( still can’t shake that compulsive helping gene)

This is okay though – it comes under ‘Affinity & Philanthropy’ in the ‘natural Affection – Philostorgia) Stoic booklet

My cupcakes were a part of the whole cosmos – intergalactic confectionary

The article for the Live Like a Stoic group appeared on the Guardian online site – exciting, Patrick had no idea this would happen when he first suggested the mini project for the philosophy & classics students – so glad his celebrity status will be a shining role model for the greater good – nice one Patrick

BREAKTHROUGH – my knee is not hurting – after 3 weeks of hopping a bit and saying ‘oof’ up the stairs it feels better – does losing 1lb make that much difference ? Was it Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Tipping point ‘ ?

No time to exercise today – really want to include some tomorrow. ‘Thinking ahead’ section of booklet

Such a fantastic writer – and the best teacher you could want to learn about writing – smashing chap

Bedtime meditation

Slept until 7.50 – this hasn’t happened for 18 months ……wow, this Stoic stuff is pretty powerful

Lovely  post about doing unselfish acts – the synergy was very timely …

By gillgarratt

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