Stoic week – day 4 Marriage proposal & asbestos

30 Nov 008

Love, swim, landscape

Love, swim, landscape

Love, landscape, swim

Love, landscape, swim

8.00 am meeting with asbestos man at house – expensive removal today

8.30 drove home via beach and found this marriage proposal roped to the barbeque area

Also saw beautiful sunrise earlier & took pics – one balances another – no point stewing over the extra expense of the asbestos


Walked to beach for latte along tree lined road and contractors mending road/fallen tree on way

In Stoic fashion, reflection last night showed me had no exercise at all previous day so planned to have some today

The Falmouth Beach Hotel pool & Leisure annexe has reopened after the big fire burnt the hotel down in May. £5.00 for ‘all you can swim, jacuzzi, steam, sauna & lounge around. Did the exercise swimming, 30 mins, 36 lengths then did everything 

Meal del dia at 3.40


Psychotherapy clinic

Evening reflections and meditations

By gillgarratt

Stoic week – day 3 Weds

Wi working – 1lb down

9.00 seminar up at t’Uni with Philip Marsden – last of 6 sessions. His book ‘The Levelling Sea’ is amazing – I am besotted with it

Asked for a cheeky pic with him – I did make 24 cupcakes for the session ( still can’t shake that compulsive helping gene)

This is okay though – it comes under ‘Affinity & Philanthropy’ in the ‘natural Affection – Philostorgia) Stoic booklet

My cupcakes were a part of the whole cosmos – intergalactic confectionary

The article for the Live Like a Stoic group appeared on the Guardian online site – exciting, Patrick had no idea this would happen when he first suggested the mini project for the philosophy & classics students – so glad his celebrity status will be a shining role model for the greater good – nice one Patrick

BREAKTHROUGH – my knee is not hurting – after 3 weeks of hopping a bit and saying ‘oof’ up the stairs it feels better – does losing 1lb make that much difference ? Was it Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Tipping point ‘ ?

No time to exercise today – really want to include some tomorrow. ‘Thinking ahead’ section of booklet

Such a fantastic writer – and the best teacher you could want to learn about writing – smashing chap

Bedtime meditation

Slept until 7.50 – this hasn’t happened for 18 months ……wow, this Stoic stuff is pretty powerful

Lovely  post about doing unselfish acts – the synergy was very timely …

By gillgarratt

Stoic week – day 2 on reflection


Done the food thing – one meal at 3.10pm

Batteries went in the Wii

Scary tale

Natural affection thing – Philostorgia

‘ Empathise with everyone. Try to understand their motives and imagine what they are thinking’

Builder – Electrician – Plumber- Me

So do you think you’ll be okay to do this ?

Three lots of thinking – Yes – Ace

Action – take full responsibility for your actions and to question myself where it seems appropriate

‘Was that too much to ask ?’ – nah.

Cultivating the Community of Humankind – went to the Rum Bar in Falmouth for evening of Storytelling and poetry

Suz read from her Victorian scary novel – cold shivers down back – well done Suz

Bedtime reflection – 3 minutes…………. nice one

By gillgarratt

Blue Seasalt rolls

Seeing this video of the group publicly posted is my inspiration – I was happy with my voice, but the rolls of extra gilly beneath the blue dress in my interview were a bit of a kick start. I fully accept myself, in true CBT tradition – I would just like less of myself to fully accept

2:47  another kick up the pants

By gillgarratt

This week I am joining in a group which is called, ‘Live like a Stoic’ week.

There is a website and blog you can find our more at. When I went to the conference at Exeter Uni about this in October I was asked if I would consider living like a Stoic for a week – I was horrified, I have enough stuff to be getting on with without making life even harder – and not drinking wine ?

I discovered all you have to do is think about life each day – it can be as simple as reflecting for 3 mins at the end of the day.

Yep, could manage that.

It has really taken off – the group got busy writing all sorts of Stoic – Fun- Educational stuff. They really are a bunch of fun philosophers.

So I have decided to ‘Diet like a Stoic’ – based on Musonius Rufus ( and a bit of Horace, who let his students have a glass of wine each day – good lad )

I weighed in on the Wii………… when I was 40 I was 9st 7lbs if I had only put on 3lbs a year since then I would be 3 stone heavier – which I’m not, I am 3st and 6lbs heavier – come on Gill try and lose weight

I started with a walk to the beach at 8.00 today – I will have yoghurt for breakfast and one meal a day between 3 – 7pm – oh yes, and a cappuccino mid morning .

Stoics are asked to live without lunch – and not make a fuss x

By gillgarratt