A Single to Falmouth

Mrs Furneaux- Smith received a picture message of her daughter, Sadie, in a white traditional, satin and crystal encrusted wedding dress with the word ‘ Surprise ‘, as inserted text…………………………….

We had to write a short story, up to 1500 words, it was the last piece of writing for the narrative module – which I struggled with – hadn’t written anything fictional since Primary School.

I naively thought the M.A. in Professional Writing would be all business writing.

This is the story ‘ wot I wrote’, it was inspired by a line by Sarah Millican on Radio 4 ( amazing, she now presents the Financial reports on BBC 1 Breakfast News ? ), and my experiences working on a Greek Island.

And a fabulous Wedding Dress I saw in the Red Cross Shop in Amersham………………… and it fits !

I won’t post the story up and fill up the blog with tedious text – mail me if you are interested in reading it – remember, it IS FICTIONAL, and any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental.


Mexican Nite in our old house in Amersham

'A Single to Falmouth' - Inspiration for story

By gillgarratt

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