Secret village of Heathrow

Have you heard about the HS2 ?

Well, they are going to build a long railway which was going to run at the bottom of our garden in our house in Amersham,

Right past my veg plot.

Then the dog died

Enough is enough, ‘ Let’s sell the house’, I cried – literally

We did, on the first day it went up for sale.

Mmmmm, nowhere to live now…………… well I’m off on hols with my sister. When came back, found house to rent 1 mile from Heathrow Airport.

Beautiful house, big garden, trees, squirrels, three pubs in the village, hippy camp down the road, all very peaceful and productive.

What’s the catch ?

This could be noisy ?

See for yourself……….. on a round trip walk from the house, this is the scenery………………….

Tree in field by an old barn just a few hundred metres from Heathrow

And it’s less noisy than Amersham, where we were on the flight path for ‘stacking.  BAA have sponsored a Bio Diversity park there , complete with Education Centre. Who’d a thought it ?

Nice little lake and lots of birds of all types



And on these stones, taken from the old Waterloo bridge it says: "For words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within"

By gillgarratt

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