Icelandic Adventure – Black & Silver

I have always wanted to see the  Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

A cosy evening in a cottage in Falmouth before Christmas, a couple of Jack Daniels, internet access and Google, brought up the facts that 2012, potentially, will be one of the best in 20 years to see the lights. Most of the trips from Norway seemed to be booked – ooh, even more excitement and a sign that this could be a big year.  Norwegian trips are so expensive though.

Laconic partner commented ,

‘ Try Iceland, they’ve no money either,  like the UK’

He was right: more googling and found an Icelandic Air weekend package to Reyjavik.

‘Northern Lights Tour’ included, if not showing on the first night, will take out on the second night at no extra charge.

Done deal……………. booked, tickets printed off… Lonely Planet Guide ordered from Amazon.

The walk from from our house in Sipson, to Heathrow took 15mins……………….. brilliant, just 3 hour flight to Reyjavik – excellent, what could go wrong ?

Lots of people cheering us on from Facebook – here is my post when I got back …………………………

We went to Iceland last weekend and had an emergency abort landing because….. wait for it… the RUNWAY WAS TOO ICY ! We diverted 500miles to east of Iceland and arrived 24 hours later in Reyjavik ! It was only a 3 day break… mind you, it was exciting , the pilot pushed the plane to the max, not quite Mach 1, but 600 mls an hour. like John said, ‘ the clue is in the name’

Not happy with all this ice

The trip to see the Northern Lights was cancelled twice, myself and a Tour Guide DID SEE the Northern lights gently flash over Reyjavik harbour on Sat night – why couldn’t we have had a little trip out into the sparkling snowy countryside that night ? No refund or nuffin’. Tht’s a lot of kroner they is raking in. Article written and ready to go to Guardian Travel Section.
Museums let you try on historic Icelandic costume; this is my Icelandic "Joan of Arc"

Museums let you try on historic Icelandic costume; this is my Icelandic "Joan of Arc"

The power of the keyboard. Did have fun though, museums excellent and the walk /crawl over the icy pavements and parks hilarous – John filmed it – thanks. 


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