Freddie Flintoff and crying

There is a programme on tonight about Freddie Flintoff crying.

He is going to be talking about ‘ his dark days of depression’

It is often seen as a taboo subject, particularly amongst sportsmen.

I was going to keep this blog quite general, but as a psychologist, I wanted to add this.

The Professional Football Association has published a book all about Depression in Sport

They have sent it to 4000 footballers.

This is a great step forward I think.

I am writing a book for Icon Publishers, called ‘ CBT at Work’.

It is all about using a Toolkit based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  CBT, to help watch out for warning signs when things  start getting tricky and what you can do about it to help yourself and / or alert others.

Icon books - First CBT book

I have been doing it a long time for lots of big Companies, including H M Treasury, H M Prisons and on Cruise Ships – see my website

By gillgarratt

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